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      炫彩黑钻 ACW8033 (1)

      炫彩黑钻 ACW8033 (2)

      炫彩黑钻 ACW8033 (3)

      炫彩黑钻 ACW8033 (4)

      炫彩黑钻 ACW8033

      Ceramic stone
      In 1499, Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese navigator, yearned for the exploration of the unknown continent. He was the first person who bypassed the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa, opened up the maritime trade path from Europe to Asia, and brought diamonds to Europe. Black diamonds integrate pure, rare, hard, and bright quality. Due to its beautiful decorative effect, it finds favor in the eyes of the select society.

      Product name: BRIGHT CRYSTAL
      Product code: ACW8033
      Product specifications: 800x800mm
      Applicable space:Home space, high-end villa, commercial building, and Chinese and Western restaurants

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