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      Ceramic stone
      It is made of Burmese teakwood. Teakwood is a ??precious tropical species with the highest yield per unit area in the world. It is known as the "king of wood". In Myanmar and Indonesia, it is called "national treasure". In Europe, teak is a symbol of identity. And royal families lavishly use teakwood to make furniture.
      Product name:EXCELLENT TEAKWOOD 
      Product code: ACM851615 / ACM8534615  / ACM85615  /ACM859615
      Product specifications: 900x450mm / 900x225mm / 900x150mm/900x300mm
      Features: This design of product is romantic and elegant. It selects the natural and delicate texture and solid quality of teakwood. It perfectly combines the rare quality and noble and extraordinary temperament of teakwood to create this natural, pure, and graceful product.
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