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      Ceramic stone
      In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, ancient boat wood was very popular. After sailing at sea for centuries, ancient boat wood was tested by the vicissitudes of life like waves, sunlight, bite of insects and birds. Despite of the holes and scars on the surface, the wood is extremely tough. It is the valuable result of nature and art.
      Product name: ANCIENT BOAT WOOD
      Product code: ACM803925customized product / ACM803945  / ACM805925customized product /ACM803915 /ACM805945  / ACM805915  / ACM806925 /  ACM806945  / ACM806915customized product 
      Product specifications:900x450mm / 900x225mm / 900x150mm/900x300mm
      Features:It is of primitive simplicity. The changes in texture are infinite and natural. It perfectly retains the natural appearance of wood after hundreds of years. Besides, it is as tough and wear-resisting as ceramic tile. Thoroughly tempered, it boasts persistent personality and wisdom.
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