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      雅士石 (1)

      雅士石 (2)

      雅士石 (3)

      雅士石 (4)

      雅士石 (5)



      雅士石公共卫生间 (2)



      Ceramic stone
      He comes gently with a Cohiba and Armani tuxedo. His style of conversation, gestures, and expressions imply extraordinary temperament. It is excellent and elegant, simple yet not easy. 
      has delicate surface, light color, simple mold, and elegant style. It returns to purity and creates simple yet fashionable living space and visual aesthetics.
      Product name: ASCOT STONE
      Product code: ACQ311060 / ACQ311080 /  ACQ312060 / ACQ315060 / ACQ315080
      Product specifications: 600x600mm / 600x300mm / 300x300mm;
                                          800x800mm / 800x400mm / 400x400mm.
      Recommended space:Applicable to any modern and elegant places, no matter walls or flooring
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