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      侏罗纪 (1)

      侏罗纪 (2)

      侏罗纪 (3)

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      侏罗纪 (6)

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      侏罗纪 (11)

      Ceramic stone
      Quality original stones are charming and simple. This product has delicate touch and soft color, restores the natural beauty of real stone, and presents aesthetic "layers".
      Product name:JURASSIC
      Product code:ACS614080P/ACS614126P
      Product specifications:800x800mm/600x1200mm
      Features: The complex yet clear layers consist of the stone texture. It is as noble and quality as jade. Its colorful and gorgeous texture and irregular changes are distributed on the brown surface. It is so charming. The changes of texture contain a looming sense of movement. Its luster is as brilliant as luxury stones. 
      Application place:High-end hotel and restaurant, top art museum, private villa, and high-end private club
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