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      Ceramic stone
      It is known for its many holes. It was the favorite material of Julius Caesar for great palaces. And it also finds favor in the eyes of Michelangelo, a master of design. It is also regarded as a world-class treasure by National Palace Museum. This stone is an essential choice by five-star hotels and luxury villas in Italy today.

      Product name:ROYAL TRAVERTINE
      Product code:ACS552080L   
      Product specifications:800x800mm
      Features:It has unique and beautiful texture and naturally formed holes. It has clear texture and gentle touch. It is originated from the nature but surpasses the nature. It has delicate and rich lines, natural touch like sandstone, crystal particles like granite, and smooth texture. Its natural and dignified touch like nature itself. 
      Application place:Outer wall decoration, and indoor floor and wall decoration

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