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      Ceramic stone

      Creative source: from the "world's last pure land" New Zealand North Island, the world's most beautiful mata tower of the farm. Mata Mata is portrayed as an almost isolated Hobbit village, where there is still the original nature of the original: 100% pure, primitive, full of vitality. Snow-capped mountains, golden light of the beach, crystal clear through the lake, lush green forests, dreamlike beauty, the rise can be seen scattered in the blue sky in the large flower of the clear green creek clinging to the village Quietly flow out. For the modern people aspire to ... ...
      Wrigley Mata space simple and pure, exposure to them, feel the original pastoral atmosphere, return to Jane really really easy life.

      Product Code: AD30224
      Product Specifications: 300X300mm
      Product features: Italy original curved design, hand-painted brick painting effect, three colors, each with its own characteristics, Marta Mata's beautiful natural color as rich.
      Applicable space: kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, children's room, aisle and other space

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